by Devon Rowcliffe

If the millions of dollars that exchanged hands during Vancouver’s recent local elections caused you concern, you have until December 5 to submit feedback regarding pending campaign expense limits.

In the recent 2014 Vancouver election, Vision Vancouver received contributions of more than $2.25 million by October 31, including $1.4 million from corporations and more than $320,000 from unions. The Non-Partisan Association raised more than $2.1 million in contributions by November 4, including a $360,000 donation from a single corporation.

Over the last decade, the City of Vancouver has repeatedly asked the province to reform campaign finance rules for municipal elections. The most recent request included a call for limits to contributions and expenses (including a ban on corporate and union donations), regular disclosure of financing (which would expose “dark money” received or spent outside of election years), tax receipts for donations, and more flexibility for the City of Vancouver to choose its own election rules.