by Devon Rowcliffe

Bremner’s arrival in 2017 as an NPA by-election candidate offered a bold alternative: significantly increasing the city’s housing supply by loosening antiquated zoning restrictions. He and political strategist Mark Marissen read the Vancouver electorate’s sentiment perfectly, recognizing the bubbling discontent over high housing costs. Also partly thanks to an outdated voting system and a plethora of centre-left parties splitting the vote, Bremner coasted to an easy by-election victory for the NPA...

Bremner’s departure creates a dilemma for the NPA. He is arguably the Vancouver politician who has best understood the electorate’s sentiment and also managed to articulate the clearest vision for resolving housing unaffordability. Bremner had promised to deliver votes from young Vancouverites to the NPA, a population cohort the party struggles to attract. Millennials are now a larger voting bloc than baby boomers, meaning the NPA cannot afford to lose them.